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Duluth Limo Service


Looking for a quality limo service in Duluth, GA? Call Stone Limo Service at (770) 972-2629. We service the greater Atlanta Area and specialize in Duluth, GA.

Stone Limo Service is a family owned and operated limousine service. We offer a wide variety of limo services from to and from to the Atlanta airport, weddings, corporate events or just a night out on the town.

AtStone Limo Service, we believe that service is the only goal we need to achieve. If it ends there….everything else we do supports that end. Driver Training, Vehicle Maintenance and Care, Auto Detailing and everything else we do behind the scenes enables us to be of maximum service to YOU!

Stone Limo Service provides fast, reliable and efficient limo service for any limo need you may have. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate.



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