How To Choose A Limo Service

There are so many limo services out there which makes it tricky for anyone to hire a good limo that is accompanied with all the services that you may require.

Below are some of the things you should consider before hiring a service of a limo:

1. How many years they have been in service?

You should ask around for how many years this people have been in service. The best company to consider should be one that has been in the transportation business for more than four or five years and has good references from the few people who have hired their services. Also, if for some reason you happen to find a new company that happens to meet all your needs, then I would advise you to check the working experience of the staff they have hired. This is necessary as you should not trust just anyone to transport you around without knowledge of who he/she might be.

2. Cost.

Price should be the second factor to consider. Some limousine companies have been known to add extra charges on top of what you had agreed. The companies with extra charges will claim that charges like the administration cost, tolls plus tips of the driver were not inclusive in the first total bill that they handed you. Avoid these sorts of companies as you can get cheaper services from other transportation companies.

3. Live inspection.

It’s very important to know what you are paying for. Spare some time to go and check the limo yourself then from there decide whether it’s worth paying for. If for some reason you can’t make an appearance personally, request the company to send you some photos of the limo you are hiring via email. The pictures will help you to know the model of the limo you are hiring plus you will also know all the comforts inside the limo.

4. Hours of service.

The best transportation company should operate for 24 hours a day. You need a company that can serve you at any time without disappointing you.

5. Safety.

It’s very important to check for your safety no matter what people think. Ensure that the company has all the valid certification most importantly if they own a liable insurance. Take your time to inspect the limo and ask the company before hiring if their vehicles are all DPU approved.

6. Lastly, consider peoples opinion.

This is easier if a friend has used the service of a company before on several occasions. Friend’s will give you a better evaluation compared to the reviews you will find in the web.


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